About Me

Hi there! I’m Jeremy Herbert, an engineer, traveler, photographer, and recent graduate in Computer Engineering.

I’m a people-centric engineer who is passionate about providing technical solutions for the community. With a large array of experiences providing support to users, I know the steps involved to create a support experience where users feel cared for. I’m the person who can translate a complex technical solution into a digestible format that is accessible for all.

My unique ability to connect with and support others is complemented by international experience collaborating with people from many different cultures and some marketing experience. Some of my additional roles have involved utilizing geospatial technologies, where I’ve worked with data to help inform planning decisions to make brighter communities.

My biggest goal is to enable communities to have richer experiences by supporting them with powerful technologies.

● Providing technical support/solutions to users of varied backgrounds
● Advising/implementing technical systems to improve workflow
● Analyzing/visualizing data to draw powerful insights/make informed decisions

Connecting and interacting with others is something I’ve always enjoyed. Enabling and empowering others via technology but keeping the human element is what I love to do.

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