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I started university differently than most people. The university I went to, Northeastern University, in Boston MA, back in the US, had an entry requirement for me different than most other universities. I needed to spend my first semester abroad in the autumn if I wanted to join Northeastern’s Boston campus in the spring. I could have just said no and went to another university, but I saw this as a great opportunity. I had two places to choose from, either Greece or Australia. I decided to take the plunge and I went to Greece for my first semester.

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On top of Mt. Olympus (2648 m/8687 ft)

Before leaving, I decided that I wanted to make a blog, to remember and reflect on my time abroad during my first semester. That blog can be found here.

I loved my experience abroad and I wanted more of it. After I had come back from that semester, I decided I wanted to study abroad again. The challenging thing for me was how to plan going abroad again while still graduating on time. If I wanted to do it, I would need to ensure that all of my classes would match exactly what I needed. Through rigorous planning, I managed to make it happen.

The next year, I was able to participate in a 1 month program in Sao Paulo Brazil, that focused on Alternative Energy Technology. In this program not only did I learn about alternative energy such as wind, solar, and biofuels, but I also learned about Brazilian culture. That blog can be found here.

Exploring the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil

I didn’t stop there however. I wanted to finish off my internship experience abroad as well. At my university, I needed to complete two internships, so I decided to do something different, and came to Bali, Indonesia for my internship. This experience was the most varied from all of my experiences, because I wasn’t just studying, I was working. Not only working, but in a culture that was more different that any other culture I had experienced before. I documented what I saw around me in my new home here.

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Trekking in Ubud’s Monkey Forest in Bali

Throughout my different blogging experiences, I’ve learned to tell stories in different ways. I’ve talked about what I was feeling in Greece and the change I was experiencing internally during my first semester of university. I talked more about what I experienced when in Brazil, and with my blogs in London and Bali I’ve shown what I’ve seen. I’m prepared to use these skills to help tell any story, whether written or visually.


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