Synergy Efficiency Solutions 2017


When I worked at SES, I was originally hired to help with IT projects around the office, but soon after working there it was clear that the sales/marketing team could use some help. My job transformed from not just IT, but IT and Marketing.

SES’ IT Needs

SES had an interesting setup. Their team was scattered across Indonesia. A team that was in so many different places needed to be able communicate effectively, especially for meetings. The issue that SES had was that we didn’t have a good conference system to ensure video meetings went smoothly. There were always hiccups when someone on the team needed to hook up their laptop and get everything working and our meeting was just a few minutes away. A better system was needed. Our website also needed help, as it ran pretty slow and much of the content needed updating.

My Solution

SES was a startup, so everything needed to be done on a budget. I researched the most economical solution for us, so we could use existing computer parts for our new conference system and minimise cost as much as possible. I harvested what we had so we now had a permanent conferencing machine in the Bali office, simplifying our set up and saving time.

For the website, I didn’t have any prior experience in web development, but I taught myself on the job. I was able to make our website more than 30% faster by optimising our images and browser caching, as well as enabling a CDN to ensure faster speeds for our website worldwide.

Our team also had trouble collaborating with each other on different projects. We had a network filesystem, but there were a lot of issues, particularly with speed. I  implemented a new filesystem via Google Drive, to ensure everyone’s work was synced with each other and our team could easily access files no matter where they were.

SES’ Sales

SES’ internal systems also needed some help. I designed a new system that would automatically calculate our weekly and monthly revenue so we could more efficiently track our numbers for the books. In addition to that, I redesigned our CRM to be more efficient so we would save time updating/adding new entries.

SES’ Marketing

SES’ was trying to further develop its marketing, but needed some help getting it off the ground. While I worked there, I helped create several new marketing campaigns. I created a Linkedin InMail campaign, targeted towards executives and decision makers in Indonesia. I also created some Mailchimp email campaigns, targeted towards lighting suppliers to help them sell more products through us. I created an in-bound marketing campaign as well to help educate prospect customers and sell our services. I also beefed up our Instagram and Facebook presence to attract more people to our company.

 In order to ensure that current employees and future interns would be on the same page regarding the changes I made and the new systems that I implemented, I wrote several SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), to ensure the new systems would be used correctly.

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