Being a lover of travel, I’ve always been interested in maps. I’ve casually made several maps before, some for planning trips, showing my trips, and others just for fun. Here’s some of the maps I’ve made:

This map is a concept map to add a rail based public transport network to Bali. The map has several lines, with longer distance lines as well as shorter distance lines.

Regarding the longer distance lines, the stations are strategically located to provide transport between major population centres such as Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, and Nusa Dua, but also provide transport between frequently visited tourist sites in Bali, to minimise the amount of personal vehicles on the road headed to these destinations.

The shorter distance lines (metro stops marked with M), are areas that are generally more walkable and areas people would explore, such as indoor malls, outdoor malls, and other commercial areas. Locating the stations at points where people would be walking is very important, or else there is no incentive to take public transport and there is still a need to take a motorbike or car to get to your end destination. The tracks between stations are also designed to minimise the negative effects of the construction and usage, by placing them away from roads.

Here’s a map I made to help someone plan their travels in Bali. The map is designed such that symbols allow one to quickly identify the type of location on the map. The colour coding allows grouping of different locations that are near each other, so that one could plan their trip accordingly.

Besides making some maps for different projects, I’ve also done some mapping for emergency response services. I recently completed a mapping project for GISCorps in southern India in response to cyclone Gaja, in late 2018. Here’s a certificate showing their gratitude:

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