Being interested in urban planning and having an IT background, I have a strong interest in GIS. I have experience using ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ArcMap, and QGIS. I also have experience working with Python and ArcPy. Here are some of my projects from my independent work/study:

Deforestation in Brazil

This is a project from an ArcGIS class I undertook. In the class we calculated the estimated amount of new deforested land if the road shown below were to be built.

Rondonia Deforestation
The road highlighted in yellow shows the potential deforestation

Flooding in Venice

This is a project from a class where I calculated the perennial flood areas of Venice, Italy. This 3D map screenshot shows areas in blue that are the most at risk or are prone to flooding. Venice’s elevation is only 1 m , so even waters as low as 1.4 m can cause severe flooding. 

venice flooding piazza san marco-min
Venice’s famous St. Mark’s Square (Piazza di San Marco) is especially vulnerable to flooding

Working Holiday Visa Planner

Below is a web app that I made that helps people plan their specified work for a Working Holiday in Australia. This application shows population density and eligible postcodes for specified work and contains an interactive filter to see what regions are eligible for each type of work:

WHV App Image
The regions that are coloured in show specified regions where work is allowed. The areas that are darker in colour have a higher population density.

Bali Satisfaction Dashboard

This is an interactive dashboard that I made that shows the results from a Survey123 survey. The survey asked various questions about the opinions of visitors to Bali, Indonesia.

This interactive dashboard web app uses real time indicators that update with the extent of the map.

Melbourne Public Transit Coverage

This web app I made shows the extent of Melbourne’s public transportation coverage within the metropolitan area of Melbourne, Australia. The application can be configured to show 5 and 10 minute walk times to trams, trains, and buses.

You can turn on/off the walk times, stations, and network lines layers as you wish.

Oso Mudslide Flyover

This video animation is a flyover I made that shows the environmental changes after a mudslide in Oso, Washington, USA. The columns show the locations of homes that existed before the mudslide.

To see my full ArcGIS Online portfolio, please click here.

ArcGIS JavaScript API Tram Visualisation

Below is an application I made using ArcGIS’s JavaScript API that shows the performance of the tram network in Melbourne Australia. Click the photo below to launch the app.

You can view the source code here.

COVID-19 Web App

I made a web app that shows a live, up to date choropleth map for COVID-19 worldwide. The data is collected via a web scraper written in Python and then is pushed to a GeoJSON file where it is then displayed as a map. Click the image below to view the app. You can find the code on my Github.

COVID-19 Live Map
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