Being interested in urban planning and having an IT background, I also have an interest in GIS. I’ve been learning recently more about ArcGIS and QGIS via some independent study. Here’s some of my projects from some online learning in ArcGIS:

Deforestation in Brazil

Rondonia Deforestation
The road highlighted in yellow shows the potential deforestation

Flooding in Venice

The following maps show areas that are at risk or are prone to flooding in Venice, Italy. Due to Venice’s extremely low elevation of 1 m , even a sea level as low as 1.4 m can cause severe flooding.  The areas shown in blue are the areas most prone to this flooding:

venice flooding city centre-min
Venice’s city centre
venice flooding piazza san marco-min
Venice’s famous St. Mark’s Square (Piazza di San Marco) is especially vulnerable to flooding

Here is a web app that I made that shows breast cancer rates in the United States by ethnicity:

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