Northeastern University 2018

When I worked at Northeastern, my main role was to help students visiting the study abroad office with their study abroad planning and answer any questions that they might have. I didn’t want to just answer students’ questions though, I wanted to help our office and help students plan more proactively.

My Projects

When I worked at the office, there was a seemingly insurmountable problem. The system that the office used to record office visitors could not alert office members when there was a visitor and the visitor data wasn’t automatically collected to inform the marketing team about the traffic that the office received. The director of marketing said that to fix these problems, an outside consultant was needed. I decided to determine a solution myself, and I contacted software vendors and read documentation of different software to determine a solution. I developed a system that saved all visitor data for the marketing team and automatically alert different office members when they had a visitor.

I also helped Northeastern students proactively plan their study abroad by developing an online questionnaire. This questionnaire would help students determine a good fit for where they should study abroad based on their location preferences and what they were studying. I used data like climate, food, population density, and major. The system would then recommend several universities and give a score based on how much the students’ preferences matched the university. To help students take action, I ensured each university had a specific call-to-action at the end of the questionnaire, to help them research more about the university or get in contact with the advisor responsible for the program.


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