WJSV Radio Station


When I started high(secondary) school, I joined my high school’s radio station, WJSV. I joined from the bottom, just helping out with some wiring here and there. I spent most of my time in high school at the radio station, and I eventually became a part of the executive staff. As time went on, I continued to help with more events such as concerts and other events. The thing I helped the most with though is the IT systems at the radio station. I helped ensure our equipment was running as it should be.

In my senior year of high school, I had become the station manager, running the station of about 30 people. I helped revise our draconian licensing process, so our DJs learned what they really needed to effectively run their radio show, and not technical information that was useless to them. I also encouraged students to develop their own unique playlists for their show to create more varied and personalised programming.

Some of our DJs during their radio show

The big thing that I did to help modernise our radio station is I brought our station online. I set up internet audio streaming via shoutcast that was added to WJSV’s website. Listeners could now listen to us anywhere in the world, regardless of where they were. Besides that, I modernised our DJing system via a new piece of software called Megaseg, so that we could dynamically update our playlists and organise our radio shows more effectively.


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