Throughout my time in university, I worked on various sustainability projects. Here are a few highlight projects from my time in university.

LEED Design for a Brazilian Building

During my time in Brazil, I visited a city in the south called Curitiba, that is known for being one of the most environmentally sustainable. I was tasked with the project of helping improve the sustainability of Curitiba. My team and I decided to take the project very locally, and we met a manager of a hotel nearby. We interviewed him and asked him several questions about his hotel and we received a tour as well. This meeting provided us with enough information to generate an analysis for making the building meet the standards for LEED certification as well as enough information for a cost analysis for ROI. The presentation can be found below and downloaded here.

Mobile Hybrid Power System

For my final project in university, I built a mobile hybrid power system. This system takes in energy via a solar panel and then distributes it to an electrolyzer and a battery. The electrolyzer takes pure distilled water and separates the hydrogen from the oxygen molecules in the distilled water and pumps it to a fuel cell. The fuel cell works as a battery, with pure hydrogen as its energy source. The fuel cell then works in tandem with the battery to provide power to a load, such as a phone, lights, etc. The system is portable and installed on a cart so it can be easily transported and shared. The use case for this system was for small villages in Tanzania. A picture of the system and presentation can be found below. The presentation can be downloaded here as well as a detailed written report.

clean gen

Sustainable Cities

One of my projects in university consisted of how to create sustainable cities. The world is globalising and urbanising faster than ever before so the need for strong city growth plans have never been greater. Below is a presentation prepared by my peers and I which discussing some growth strategies for cities:

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