Measure 2020 – 2021

I started a job at Measure Global in 2020 as a Customer Support Lead. Measure Global offered a drone program management SaaS tool called Measure Ground Control. In this role, I was given the opportunity to work collaboratively across multiple teams and implemented various improvements.

Some of the things I accomplished at Measure include:

  • Creating bespoke technical solutions for data visualization and user management, achieving outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Creating ad-hoc contingency plans when we had a systemwide outage, ensuring our customers were updated and supported
  • Ensuring issues that customers were experiencing were resolved in a timely and prioritized manner by assisting with our Jira workflow management processes
  • Ensuring our team was continuing to operate in a customer-focused manner by running a weekly customer support meeting, creating a forum for our team to discuss customer issues
  • Breathed new life into our knowledgebase so customers continued to have the most accurate and useful information possible to use our system; I reorganized our knowledgebase, and developed new training material to better support our customers.
  • Continuously supported our customers via onboarding assistance, customer support calls, and weekly webinars
  • Improved the customer support contact process by creating new contact workflows.

Measure was acquired by AgEagle in Spring 2021. I’ve continued working for AgEagle and have been promoted to an Engineering Manager.

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